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GYST Best Personal Assistans New York


GYST is a modern assistant service providing experienced, skilled and savvy assistants to high net worth individuals, families and entrepreneurs.


Unlike traditional recruiters or staffing agencies, we source, select, educate and retain our own team of top personal and executive assistants.  Plus we insure and bond all of our assistants so you are safe and secure in your work together.


Once you connect with GYST we will select the perfect GYST Assistant for you based on experience, skills, and characteristics.  You then have the opportunity to meet the GYST Assistant we recommend in a complimentary session. You can begin working with your GYST Assistant in as little as 10 days.

Our Mission




Our mission is to set you free to focus on what matters most. Through thoughtful execution and a dedication to excellence, we are constantly working to deliver the following key service goals:

Be the Solution

Service Worth Bragging About

Take Care of Each Other

Do More With Less

Bring Joy

Meet your NYC GYST Assistant


GYST Assistants have at least three years of experience working as an assistant for a high net worth individual or family, C-Level executive and/or celebrity. Our team is comprised of vibrant, charismatic, trustworthy, smart and discreet individuals from diverse backgrounds, and we can’t wait for you to meet them.

We Support

Whether you are a private family, busy entrepreneur, important executive, or a newly funded startup we have a GYST assistant for you.

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GYST is about setting people free.


I started GYST in 2010 to provide exceptional and transformative personal support experiences from a team of expert, skilled and savvy personal assistants. It continues to be my privilege to work with clients across industries and our dynamic team of dedicated personal assistants each and every day.


Whether we run your errands, organize your closet, manage your schedule or help with anything in between, we do it with joy so you can be free for the parts of your life that matter most.

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