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Top 10 FAQs

Will I work with the same GYST Assistant everytime?

Yes! You will be matched with a GYST Assistant and build a relationship with that one Assistant over time. If you need an extra set of hands you can always request a second GYST Assistant.

Do GYST Assistants work onsite and in person, or virtually/remotely?

All of the above. Our program is designed to include one onsite session each week and we strongly recommend designating at least one day each week that your GYST Assistant will work from your residence. This allows you and your GYST Assistant to establish a cadence and build a strong foundation. You don’t have to be home for that day, but you will know that every Tuesday (or whatever day you choose) your standing set of weekly errands and any other onsite tasks and projects will be advanced or completed. Your GYST Assistant may work remotely between onsite sessions to keep projects moving forward, but GYST is not a virtual assistance service and our program works optimally with an onsite component.

How much does it cost to work with a GYST Assistant and does GYST have usage minimums?

Membership to GYST includes an annual fee of $2,500 and a monthly service package. Our service packages, or levels of engagement, start at a minimum of 40 hours per month for $3,600/month. Read more about our levels of engagement here.

What does my annual membership fee get me?

Your Annual Membership to GYST gives you access to exclusive GYSTList partner offers, enrollment in our Pyggy Bank purchasing program, a 1Password storage vault for use with your GYST Assistant, access to our entire team of GYST Assistants for special events, travel or large projects and simplified project management, powered by Trello. We are always introducing new partners in our GYSTList program and implementing new Client programs that further streamline your work with your GYST Assistant.

How is my privacy protected when I work with GYST?

All GYST Assistants have served in roles where non disclosure was paramount and have a thorough understanding of the boundaries therein. We are happy to consider your personal NDA and have a supplemental NDA available for all GYST Clients. Password storage is facilitated by 1Password, the industry leader in online password management, and our Pyggy Bank allows you to give your GYST Assistant purchasing power without access to your credit card information.

What type of Clients does GYST serve?

GYST Assistants support high net worth individuals and families, public figures, executives and serial entrepreneurs. GYST works best for those who value time above all else, but find themselves spending limited free time on tasks that are not priorities. Our Clients enjoy full lives and rely on GYST Assistants to provide them freedom to focus on what matters most.

How do you match Clients with GYST Assistants?

GYST Assistants are matched with Clients based on experience, skill set, personality and availability. GYST Clients always meet the recommended Assistant before officially beginning work together.

Where do you find GYST Assistants and how are they assessed for hiring?

GYST Assistants have at least 2 years of experience working in a personal or executive assistant role for a prominent individual, family or celebrity before coming to GYST. Most of our Assistants are referred by current Assistants or find us themselves. All GYST Assistants engage in our 5 step assessment program which includes several interviews, 5 reference checks and background checks.

Are GYST Assistants on call or on demand?

Our Assistants are not on call. GYST Assistants are reasonably available from 8am-6pm M-F, and weekends on request, but are not the right solution if you need exclusively urgent and of the moment support. You can expect a response from your GYST Assistant within 24 hours, and most often, within 4 hours and you always have the GYST Team behind you. For occasional urgent and of the moment requests, please contact your Account Manager.

How do I apply to become a GYST Assistant?

Carefully review our requirements here and use this link to apply.


Getting Started

I’m interested in working with a GYST Assistant. How do I learn more?

Submit your information here and we will be in touch to schedule a quick phone call to learn more about your goals and share more about GYST.

How long does it take to get started?

From your initial outreach to GYST to your first working session you should expect about 14-20 days. We make our Client and Assistant matches carefully in every effort to create lasting partnerships. You will be provided with resume highlights and a complimentary session with the GYST Assistant we recommend before officially getting started.

What is the upfront commitment to work with a GYST Assistant?

The annual membership fee of $2,500 and your first month's Engagement fee are due upon completing our Client Agreement.Our Part Time and Full Time Engagements require a 3 month initial commitment which gives you and your GYST Assistant time to settle in, clean up the backlog and get traction on your projects.

Can I meet more than one GYST Assistant candidate?

Part of the value you receive from working with GYST is being able to skip the entire interview process yourself. We will recommend the GYST Assistant we think will best accomplish your goals and be a great culture match for you and your family. If, after your complimentary session, you would like to meet additional candidates we are happy to accommodate based on availability.

What happens in my complimentary session?

Your complimentary session is a 30 minute meeting for you and our selected GYST Assistant to get to know one another, review the stated scope of work, and make a plan for how you will get started in your work together. This initial meeting is our way of bringing everyone onto the same page to discover even more ways GYST can be of service.

What should I prepare for my first working session with my GYST Assistant?

After your initial inquiry call and 30 minute minute meeting, your GYST Assistant will be ready to take the lead and immediately begin working on everything you've already highlighted. Not much preparation is needed, but we do recommend keeping an ongoing list of tasks in order for your assistant to stay up-to-date on your needs.

What are the keys to success in my work with a GYST Assistant?

Thanks for asking! Like any strong relationship, communication is critical. We’ve designed mechanisms in our program to make it easy for communication to remain open and consistent, but a commitment from our Clients is required for the relationship to be productive. For more tips about working with an assistant check out The GYST Blog.

How can I access current GYSTList Partner perks?

You will receive emails telling you about the newest GYSTList offerings and your GYST Assistant is your GYSTList guide. If you are looking for a specific partner, let your Assistant know. Your GYST Assistant will also suggest our partners to you whenever relevant.



Are GYST Assistants on call or on demand?

Our Assistants are not on call or on demand. GYST Assistants are reasonably available from 8am-6pm M-F, and weekends on request, but are not the right solution if you need exclusively urgent and of the moment support. You can expect a response from your GYST Assistant within 24 hours, and most often, within 4 hours and you always have the GYST Team behind you. For occasional urgent and of the moment requests, please contact your Account Manager.

What falls outside of GYST’s scope of work?

GYST Assistants do not handle childcare, pet care, housekeeping or cooking. Our partnership network, the GYSTList, is full of excellent options for all of these needs and we are happy to make recommendations and manage appropriate professionals in each of these categories.

Is GYST available to work on my move and other short term projects?

We have an annual membership fee of $2,500 and our levels of engagement start at $3,600 for 40 hours minimum each month. There is a 3 month initial commitment requirement, and if these perameters suit your project we would love to work together.

Can I pause my monthly Engagement?

Our Part Time and Full Time Engagements require a 3 month initial commitment and can be frozen for up to two non-consecutive months each calendar year, with 2 weeks notice. Before you freeze your engagement, remember, during the time you are away your GYST Assistant can be catching up on rainy day projects, household organization or supervising routine home maintenance. GYST Assistants are also available to travel with you to your second residence or for business trips.

It’s not working with my GYST Assistant. What now?

We do our best to create awesome Client/Assistant matches on Day 1, but sometimes we need to make adjustments as we go. You can work with your Account Manager to share your feedback and request a switch at any time. We will work with you to get the right match and leverage our Client programs which have been designed to manage these transitions as seamlessly as possible.

What is GYST’s service area?

GYST supports Clients in Manhattan and Brooklyn. We are available to travel with or on behalf of Clients to the Hamptons, Shelter Island, Fishers Island routinely. GYST can accommodate Clients in Westchester and NJ based on availability. Additional fees may apply for Clients outside Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Which methods of payment does GYST accept?

GYST accepts ACH and credit card payments. Credit card payments are subject to a 4% transaction fee.

How can my GYST Assistant purchase things while out running errands for me?

GYST Pyggy Bank is a simple and secure way for your GYST Assistant to make purchases, including routine errands, online orders and similar, on your behalf. Once you are signed up, your GYST Assistant will immediately receive a spending card loaded with your Pyggy Bank funds to use when making purchases on your behalf. GYST Pyggy Bank is an optional program and you can enroll or un-enroll at any time.
GYST Pyggy Bank is the most secure way for your assistant to make purchases for you. Petty cash and use of your personal credit card are not recommended for your own security.

Will my GYST Assistant sign my NDA?

Yes. We have a supplemental NDA we can provide for your review and if you would like to use your own, we are happy to review yours as well.

How can I securely share passwords with my GYST Assistant?

At GYST, we have the utmost respect to the responsibility of keeping your passwords and sensitive information secure. Your GYST membership includes a 1Password storage vault for use with your GYST Assistant. All GYST assistants are required to use 1Password to keep your passwords safe and secure UNLESS you are already using a comparable service (LastPass, Dashlane are comparable) in which case you can use that too!

Do I have to give my GYST Assistant keys to my home?

No! Your GYST Assistant can gain access with your doorman or you can plan to be there for the start of every session. Most Clients do choose to share keys with their Assistant but it's completely up to you.

What happens if I don't meet my minimum hours for the month?

Your minimum hours do not roll over from month to month and are not refundable. Your GYST Assistant is highly proactive and can always find a way to set you free to focus on what matters most!

If you know you will be away and won't need support, after your 3 month initial commitment you can freeze your membership for up to two non-consecutive months each calendar year, with 2 weeks notice.

What is the GYSTList?

The GYSTList is our curated collection of best in class choices for the services our Clients ask our Assistants to source the most. Clients enjoy access to our exclusive partner perks and take advantage of GYST resources and relationships to work smarter. Check out our partners here.

How do I become a GYSTList Partner?

Submit your service, product or company for consideration by clicking here.

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Jobs at GYST

How does it work?

Unlike a staffing agency, where you are placed with one client and taken under their employ, GYST assistants are insured, bonded and employed directly by GYST. GYST Assistants are custom matched to Clients and typically work with 2-4 Clients to make up a flexible 20-30 hr work week. GYST Assistants report to their Account Manager for performance management, goal setting and professional development and the Account Manager is also a resource to your clients. Apply here to become a GYST Assistant.

How does GYST compensate Assistants?

GYST Assistants are paid hourly, DOE. Some benefits are available.

What is the part time commitment?

GYST Assistants are required to work with GYST Clients for a minimum of 20 hours per week. Many Assistants work more than that.

Can I work full time with GYST?

Occasionally we invite GYST Assistants onto our team who are looking for 30-40 hours/week of work. If you are looking for exclusively full time opportunities, please note that in your application.

Are there other career opportunities at GYST?

Yes! As GYST grows we look forward to bringing GYST Assistants into staff positions to grow with us. We have always been and remain, by Assistants, for Assistants.

How does Assistant/Client matching work?

GYST Assistants are matched with clients based on experience, skill set, personality and availability. GYST Assistants always meet Clients before officially beginning work together and have the final say about which Clients to work with.

How is my weekly schedule determined?

GYST Assistants and Clients set the schedule together based on availability and scope of work. Assistant should expect one standing session onsite for each Client weekly.

How quickly can I get started?

At GYST, we value our relationships and invest in our Assistants for the long haul. We have a multi-stage selection process that can take between 2-4 weeks and then culminates in a paid GYSTification training session. It can take 4-6 weeks to fill your Client roster after you've officially started.

What is the GYST interview process like?

At GYST, we invest in our assistants and want to make sure our opportunity is what candidates are looking for and that they will be with us for long term employment. This is reflected in our multi- stage interview. Successful candidates will fill out an online application, have a 30 minute phone interview, complete a Candidate Qualification Assessment work sample assignment, have an in person interview with a GYST Account Manager and then undergo a background check and 3-5 reference checks. The process typically takes around 2 weeks.

Why do experienced Assistants choose GYST over full time employment for an individual or family?

Many experienced assistants come to GYST for a change of pace after working in a 60 + hour work week environment. Seasoned assistants may also chose GYST because they are pursuing another career, typically in a creative or entrepreneurial field. Assistants also enjoy the community, resources, stability and career pathing that GYST provides, different from a traditional freelance opportunity.

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