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At GYST, we believe that being an assistant is an opportunity to be of service, and that being of service is a privilege.


We leverage over a decade of experience as the best personal assistant service in New York City, and offer a flexible model that can be shaped to suit your specific needs. We've developed secure, systematic solutions for routine tasks, and our assistants can provide substantial support in a range of specialized services, including operations and systems management.


In other words, we’re here to make things easier.  Let us take care of the tasks on your list - so you can be free to focus on what matters most.

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GYST Best Personal Assistans New York


Begin working with an assistant in as few as 10 days using the GYST Signature Start for quick and easy onboarding.

GYST clients and assistants work together in an ongoing relationship for a minimum of 40 hours each month. With roughly 10 hours of work per week, your assistant can tackle a wide range of projects and tasks.

GYST clients and assistants work together in an ongoing relationship for a minimum of 120 hours each month. Your GYST assistant will work exclusively with you for 30-40 hours a week.

GYST can help you source a full-time candidate under your direct employ for assistant positions with annual salaries starting at 85K. We also offer additional onboarding and training services. Pick a program customized to your needs.

Levels of Engagement



Your expert, skilled and savvy GYST assistant will handle everything on your list from household errands, to high volume scheduling, travel booking and beyond.

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GYST Personal Assistants- Packing & Moving

Packing & Moving

Personal Assistant Support.png

Personal Assistant Support

GYST Personal Assistants- closet organiz

Closet Reorganization

GYST Personal Assistants- research.png


GYST Personal Assistants- travel booking

Travel Booking



The GYSTList is our curated collection of best in class choices for the services our Clients ask our Assistants to source the most. Clients enjoy access to our exclusive partner perks and take advantage of GYST resources and relationships to work smarter.


Select GYSTList partners include:

MNFDL Gyst Personal Assistants New York
CertaPro Painters Gyst Personal Assistants New York
Hotel Engine Gyst Personal Assistants New York
Bell Family Company Gyst Personal Assistants New York
Junklugger Gyst Personal Assistants New York

The GYST Difference


We have identified common pain points you may have experienced working with an assistant in the past and created systematic solutions to prevent these problems from ever popping up with your GYST assistant.

GYST Signature Start-Pink.png

Start Fast

With the GYST Signature Start you are guaranteed to get off on the right foot, fast. No month-long onboarding here.

Personal Assistant-Pink.png

Your Assistant, Always

Always work with the same GYST assistant selected just for you based on experience, skillset, and personality, Your dedicated assistant for the duration of your time with us.

GYST Pyggy Bank-Pink.png

Pyggy Bank

Your assistant can make purchases on your behalf anytime, anywhere without petty cash or access to your personal credit card.



Our curated collection of perks, resources, and relationships that give GYST clients and assistants quick, easy and preferential access to the best products and services available.

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Team Approach

If your assistant will be absent, you will always be provided with a fill-in trained by your primary assistant at no cost to you. You have access to the entire GYST Team should you need a few extra hands on deck.

GYST Real Time Billing-Pink.png

Real-Time Billing

Your assistant bills their time in real time. You will only be billed for minutes spent handling your requests, no rounding ever. We believe in transparency

"Brooke and the team are very easy to do business with.  Their goal is to make life easier for their clients, and a big part of that is making the overall process of working with them simple.  As our needs evolve, I’m certain that the GYST team will find a way to evolve with us. We can’t recommend them enough."

Kara and John

Manhattan Family
GYST Best Personal Assistans New York
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