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A program that works

A program that works

Our program systematically addresses common pain points in the Client and Assistant relationship and is built on ten years of experience serving elite clientele. GYST not only gives you an Assistant with whom you will build a long lasting relationship, but also equips you both with the tools and resources to make your work together easy, efficient and even more effective.


The GYST Experience

Scope of work

personal assistant support

Your GYST Assistant serves as an operations officer for your personal life, handling a subset of routine tasks, managing of-the-moment requests and serving as a liaison (and buffer!) between you and your world. 

Scheduling | Calendar Management | Errands | Research | Household Staff Management | Travel Arrangements | Family Calendars | Second Residence Liaison | Gifting | Home Maintenance Coordination | Event Support | Vendor Sourcing and Management

executive assistant support

Your GYST Assistant serves as administrative support, Chief of Staff, project manager and all around do-er, allowing you freedom to focus on what you do best. Some GYST Assistants have differentiated and specialized skill sets, let us know if you have a specific need.

Scheduling | Calendar Management | Email Correspondence | Research | Expense Reporting | Meeting Prep  Inbox Management | Task Management | Note Taking | Gifting | Travel Arrangements and Itineraries  

The GYST Experience

levels of engagement



Part Time

GYST Clients and Assistants work together in an ongoing relationship for a minimum of 40 hours each month. Your GYST Assistant will have one onsite day each week plus a handful of remote hours between weekly sessions to keep projects moving. 


If you have less than 10 hours of work for your Assistant each week, we may not be the right solution for you.


full Time

GYST offers access to exclusive and hard to find Personal and Executive Assistant talent. Our Assistant Assessment program makes finding the perfect candidate easier, more secure and faster. To work with a GYST Assistant 30+ hours weekly or to begin a contingent search with GYST, contact us here

If you are sourcing candidates with annual salaries lower than 85K, we may not be the right solution for you.

GYSTList partners

GYSTList partners

Our curated collection of best in class choices for the services our Clients ask our Assistants to source the most. Clients enjoy access to our exclusive partner perks and take advantage of GYST resources and relationships to work smarter
Magellan Jets GYSTList Partner
CertaPro Painters GYST
Hotel Engine GYST
Bell Family Company GYST
Junkluggers GYST
Full list of GYSTList Partners available exclusively through GYST Assistants.


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