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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Workspace More Productive

We’re sharing our secrets so you can make the most of your workday every single day.


Ever worked with people who can’t focus until their desk pictures are arranged in perfect symmetry and their pen cup is at an exact 90 degree angle? Hi! We are those people. We know how important it is to have a productive workspace, and we’re sharing our secrets so you can make the most of your workday every single day.

Natural light is key. If you live in NYC like we do, chances are you are vitamin D deprived. Pull those blinds up and allow all the natural light to stream in. Research shows natural light increases productivity, boosts your mood, and helps you get better sleep.

Keep your desk clear. We have a rule at the GYST office: don’t leave for the day without tidying up your workspace. We hold every employee to this rule and every morning the office is clean and tidy. Need a messy desk all day long to work on complex projects? No problem. A quick clean up at the end of the day reinforces the difference between the end of your workday and the beginning. Best part? Organized spaces keep stress at bay.

Optimize your workday. Identify what time of day you’re most productive.  Tackle your most complex projects at that time so your entire focus is devoted to the task at hand. If you’re most focused at 10am, start your workday then. If you’re most focused at 8pm after winding down for the day, leave your major projects until the evening so they receive the attention they deserve.

Switch locations. If your main workspace is getting stuffy or hard to focus in, switch it up. Head over to your favorite coffee shop or outdoor space. Switching to a new environment can bring clarity to a tough project, and boost your productivity. We love ACE Hotel in NoMad or the W Hotel in Union Square. Comfy couches and speciality coffee never hurt anyone.

Stay inspired.  Keep something that makes you happy at your workspace.  A picture or two of loved ones or a live plant, for example. If you’re happy and feel good at your desk, your work will reflect it.

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