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8 Qualities of the best Personal Assistants

Aka, how to become a crusher.


Preparedness. Being prepared means always thinking one step ahead and asking pertinent questions beforehand, to avoid delays, blocks, and inconvenience all around.

Initiative. Don’t wait to be asked to handle a project or situation. Take the initiative to conquer the task, setting your client free of the burden.

Communication. Open dialogue and communication with your client makes creates a positive working relationship and will prevent tasks from slipping through the cracks.

Pool Your Resources. No personal assistant has all the answers, nor can be a superhero all of the time.  Pool your resources and reach out to your network for help from people with strengths in other areas.

Determine Value. Assess each new task, project, or situation in order to determine when it is more important to save time or to save money, and tackle the project accordingly, step by step.

Use Discernment. The best personal assistants are perceptive and know when to be “present”, and when to provide clients personal space.  A strong personal assistant works diligently not to get in the way of the client, but to set the client free from things that get in their way.

Visibility. Work on visible, tangible projects regularly to reassure the client of your value and of the value of your working relationship. For example, prioritize projects where you work directly with your client to be included in your one-on-one time with your client.

Prioritize. Always make the client and their needs feel that they are your top priority. Within prioritizing your clients, it’s important to prioritize each of your tasks according to deadlines as well. More urgent tasks should be completed first thing in the morning, with smaller, less significant tasks completed in breaks of time or later in the day.

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