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How Your Assistant Can Help Maximize Your Wellness During COVID-19


While the Coronavirus is busy causing disruptions in most of our lives, it is simultaneously giving us an excuse to reset, focus and test our adaptability. At GYST, our assistants use this time of uncertainty as a unique opportunity to continue to “take care of each other”, meaning our clients and community at large.

For most, the pursuit of wellness feels overwhelming right now. However, it is important to concentrate on the health and well being of yourself and your loved ones. Things like exercise, hydration, balanced meals, and “me time” may seem to slide down your ever growing to do list, but our GYST Assistants had a few ideas on how to experience the wellness you are looking for, and quite frankly, deserve.

Meal Kits: “What will I actually eat this week? Should I look up new recipes? I don’t think I’ll survive one more avocado fail.” Your GYST Assistant can compile your food preferences, do the research on the proper program, select the menu, and manage the deliveries as needed.

Now more than ever, meal planning and grocery shopping are even more complicated. Avoid the hunt for a non existent Fresh Direct slot and try a meal kit. Are you a vegan? Try Purple Carrot. Or trying out Keto? We like Green Chef. Have a long list of allergies and aversions? There’s a meal kit out there for every plan and palate (Blue Apron, Sunbasket, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, Martha and Marley Spoon to name a few!).

Workouts: "I’m too tired. I don’t have enough time. I don’t have an at home workout plan.” Your GYST Assistant can also look into Mirror, Peloton and a myriad of other in-home options to select what works best for you.

If regular workouts aren’t already a solid part of your routine, they’re often the first thing to go during stressful times. Why? Because there’s too many reasons to not do them. The good news is, you don’t have to dedicate 7 hours a week to experience the benefits of exercise. For example, with certain training methods like HIIT, it’s recommended not to do much more than 10-12 minutes! And it can be done with no equipment, right in your living room with the assistance of programs like Daily Burn. If HIIT doesn’t appeal to you, let your assistant find a trainer who will work with you over Zoom or Google Hangout.

Mental Health: “I’m stressed and feel like I have even less time for myself than normal. Things are so uncertain right now. I’m having trouble sleeping and I feel unbalanced.” - Allow your GYST Assistant to research the best apps, classes and other creature comforts to help ease your anxiety and feel centered.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, these feelings are totally normal. We are grieving the loss (albeit temporary) of our daily routines. We like Headspace for meditation and Calm for sleep. Other things to explore are virtual sound baths or online yoga to lean in to inner calm. Engage the whole family with kid-focused guided meditations like this one from the Honest company. Your assistant can also source the materials you need to achieve balance (meditation seat, sleep mask, essential oils, journal, gravity blanket, calming teas, etc.). Remember, you can start small here with just practicing mindful meditation for a few minutes each day. If that still feels like too much, even curling up with a soothing cup of tea for five minutes with your phone, computer and the news turned off can be revitalizing. We guarantee a little goes a long way here. Pro tip: Have your assistant set up calendar reminders for you to do this each day.

By allowing your assistant to take care of you and your family’s wellness needs during this unique time, when life returns to normal you’ll feel ready to take on the world.

The GYST Team

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