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3 Things Your Assistant Should Be Doing While You’re Away This Summer


Summer is meant for relaxing and recharging from the long winter, and in preparation for the harried days of fall ahead. Personal assistants who are working at or near your primary residence during the summer should be ready to tackle those projects on your “someday” list, and be hard at work prepping your family for the fall season.

Our guide below gives you 3 ideas of what your assistant should be doing while you’re away.

Giving your home a thorough tuneup. Summer is a great time for your assistant to work through the laundry list of small repairs on your “someday” list, including finally fixing that pesky drip in the sinks, clogged drains, servicing the HVAC, etc. Another major summer project is having your home deep cleaned, including specialty cleaners for rugs and windows. Your assistant should also work on projects that are may have fallen to the wayside throughout the year like organizing all your closets, kitchen cabinets, storage units, kids’ rooms, and home offices.

Renovation projects. Summer is the best time for construction, especially in New York City. Plan ahead to have your assistant manage your upcoming renovations at your primary residence or second home. When you return to the city after Labor Day, all will be ready to go.

Prepping for fall tasks before end of summer. Getting a head start on fall tasks before Labor Day hits is crucial to ensuring a smooth ride into a new school year and fall/winter season. Your assistant can be entering both kids’ school calendar and extracurricular activities into your calendar and purchasing school supplies. Additionally, she can start working with caterers to get you sample holiday season menus and investigate venues for your fall events. Looking toward winter, your assistant can prep to change over wardrobes for cooler weather, and pull together ideas for your winter vacation. Other tasks that routinely need advance scheduling are doctor appointments for the family, and booking your haircut and color for your return.

Are there tasks your assistant is up to that weren’t included in this list? Let us know on Twitter @getGYST and if you need help tackling these to-dos, GYST custom matches busy New Yorkers to expert, skilled and savvy personal assistants to help you do more, by doing less.

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