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7 Things Your Assistant Can Do to Make Your Holidays Merry and Bright

'Tis the season!


Oh, the holidays. Bringing about lots of cheer, and sometimes fear of an ever-increasing to do list. We’ve got 7 things your assistant can do to help this holiday season and make sure your tinsel stays untangled.

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Handle holiday cards. No need to fear, this year your assistant can handle the annual holiday card madness with style. First, decide if you want custom or boxed cards. If you decide to go with custom cards, design them and have them shipped to you ASAP. If you decide on boxed cards, your local stationary store is the best bet for finding beautiful cards and envelopes. While you wait for the cards to arrive, narrow down that mailing list, and get final numbers for stamps. Your assistant can write out your cards for you, stamp, and send them on their way.

Make your holiday gift list, and check it twice. Your assistant can make sure everyone from Aunt Alice to Steve the Doorman are covered with the perfect gift. Have your assistant make your holiday list to include every conceivable family member and friend, and then you can add and edit.

Pick it, pack it, and send it. Once you have your gift list confirmed, let your assistant have at the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales and procure gifts. While they’re out, your assistant can pick up your favorite wrapping paper and accessories, and set aside time for a wrapping party to get all the gifts wrapped in one session.

Prep your food list. You know what you love to have around the kitchen during the holidays, so hand over your grocery list to your assistant to ensure you have the best gingerbread men, latkes, and fruitcakes around. Make two lists: one for your annual holiday party, and one for general food items to have around the house. Make an extra list if you have relatives coming into town!

Book your holiday flights. If you haven’t booked your holiday flights yet, your assistant can do the research, book the flights, and make sure you have alternate itineraries ready in case there are weather delays or flight cancellations. If you’ve booked your holiday travel already, your assistant can look ahead to a January or February trip to Cabo.

Put the finishing touches on your holiday parties. If you’re hosting holiday parties this year, your assistant can book your caterer, DJ, and flowers, order invitations, and pick up speciality items like tablecloths and goody bags. If you’re not doing the hosting, your assistant can RSVP you to parties you’re attending, and make sure you have the perfect bottle of Prosecco to bring along.

Decorate and prep your home. The holidays can bring anxiety when it comes to decorating and cleaning.  This year let your assistant know where your holiday decor is kept in storage. They can make a plan for hanging the mistletoe, polishing the menorah, and ordering your Christmas tree.

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